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Websites within the EU are required by law to let visitors know about the cookie files that are stored on a user's device as they visit websites, and to ask for permission for this to happen before progressing any further into a website.

pixiehats.com and pixiehats.co.uk uses paypal as the store's payment system which in order to keep a shopping basket's details up to date needs coded information contained in a txt file to be stored on a customer's computer/device.

The website is also a partner in google's adsense program which offsets the cost of having the site freely available and also contains links to Amazon.co.uk which utilise an affiliate account. Both these providers need information storage in order to provide the very best user experience currently possible.

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All illustrated resources on pixiehats are copyright of Ruth Grimes unless otherwise stated.

They are provided to help animal welfare, education and families to enjoy each others company, individual's learning and to assist in raising funds for charitable actions. Please do not abuse this and feel they can be used for sole personal gain, offline or uploaded elsewhere online.

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 Email address -  acornink@pixiehats.com 
 cointote@pixiehats.com is the email address used for paypal payments

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