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Hello :) and  thank you for your interest,  pixiehats is a site in its first stages of 'being, I hope over time it'll grow to include a range of inside and outside natural craft ideas, recipes and printables for children, young people and adults, so everyone's able to enjoy getting crafty throughout each of the four, winter, summer, autumn and spring seasons - Pixies with hats for each season.

Pixiehats.com and .co.uk is owned by a vegan aspiring vegetarian family living in the UK. We work to support rights, quality of life and strive hard to promote this in everything we do.

The store on pixiehats, pixiehats ebay ID, a google asense and amazon affiliate account will hopefully provide a way for us to share more and more - please get in touch if you've any questions about payment or anything else, the acorn ink pot is always primed and contact is always welcome

 acornink@pixiehats.com or  sales@pixiehats.com

cointote@pixiehats.com is the email address that collects ore jingles arriving at our paypal 'bank' :)


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