Best cat toys!

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This is a list of our top 17 best cat toys that we've come across so far! They're a mix of cheap, expensive, handmade and store bought :) please enjoy the ideas, we hope your fur-babies have as much fun with them as ours do xx

A list of our best cat toys
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1. Brown wrapping paper  - scrunched to make caves!

2. Ping pong balls

3. Cats meow

4. Tied off socks filled with catnip

5. Cardboard boxes of any shape and size

6. Shopping or laundry bags - Jute &  large gift bags

7. Plastic spiders

8. Laser lights - fun and bee-m

9. Ball chasers - catit play N scratch

10. Cat dancer

11. Ball tracks

12. Play tunnel

13. Catnip bubbles

14. Hartz punch n scrunch

15. Digital Apps!

16. The occasional interaction with a wiggling human foot - just hope it's the day you've thick socks on & a handful of distraction toys nearby! - moppy, charmer or boinks!
Where behaviour issues aren't involved a 'gentle' game of foot attack is fun?
17. A well introduced play friend! on

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