Glass bottle light  6.03.2018

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Perfect for the spring this small fruit juice bottle has been repurposed with a sprinkling of handmade polymer clay grass blades and daffodil flowers. A cork LED light then fills it with twinkling bulbs. It's a lovely item to gift a friend, celebrate Mother's Day and to enjoy the season's Equinox and Easter.  It's also fairly straight forward to make ...

You'll need:

 a glass bottle

 a LED cork light

 Fimo soft clay

 daffodil cabochons

 glass glue

 Fimo liquid (opt)

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 Fimo soft clay  LED cork lights
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 Daffodil cabochons  E6000 craft glue   Fimo liquid
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Fimo liquid on
Materials needed to mke a daffodil grass glass bottle light

How to

begin by blending different quantities of green and white clay so that you create a variety of tones. Then roll out small sections of each colour into long thin ropes, finishing off with a slightly pointed tapering end.

Position over the surface of the bottle and use the base's edge to 'fasten' off each piece. Build up the grass to form a solid ledge around the bottom of the bottle and then once you're satisfied with the design press in the daffodils.  If wanted, use Fimo liquid to help secure each flower firmly in place.

Bake at the recommened temperature and leave to cool.

Once it's cooled enough to handle test the clay to see if the decorations will lift off of the glass. If it does anchor the pieces back in place with glue. 

Gift, display and love what you made :)

Blend the green and white polymer clay to make grass for the bottle

Bottle light - polymer clay decorated daffodil and grass design
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