Bug slides!

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and catching insects indoors to return them safely back outside.

If you've received a free laminated slide with your pixiehats' order, thank you very much for your purchase xx  please find more charms & beads in the store

Capture insects safely with a pot and slide .

Once your slide has been printed, trimed and laminated use it alongside any cup or glass of your choice. Genlty capture the crawlie under the pot and then slip the slide underneath taking care not to trap legs. Pick up the pot & slide as one and transport everything outside to a more distant & natural environment.  

Buy an illustrated set of laminated, cotton cord strung slides on etsy 

or make your own with these amazon.co.uk resources

Insects, bugs, creepy crawly wildlife .. 120gsm paper
Insects, bugs, creepy crawly wildlife .. 160 gsm pouches (2x sides at 80gsm each,
Insects, bugs, creepy crawly wildlife .. Waxed cord  
Insects, bugs, creepy crawly wildlife .. Hole punch  
Insects, bugs, creepy crawly wildlife .. Magnetic fridge hook  
Insects, bugs, creepy crawly wildlife .. Plastic pots  
Thread the bug slide and pot

Free printable designs for all personal and non-commercial use

 Hedgehog bunting  
 Black cat bug slide design  

 Spring gardening bug slide design
 Halloween cauldron  
 Yuletide tree dressing  

Hedgehog bunting themed bug slide
Black cat day - themed bug capture slide
Spring time gardening - seeds and birds bug slide printable
Halloween cauldron themed insect bug slide printable
Yule tree themed bug slide printable

Insects, bugs, creepy crawly wildlife .. Photos of the finished insect trapping, bug slides

Hedgehog bunting themed bug slide printable
Black cat themed bug slide printable

Spring time seeds bug side

Yuletide tree themed bug slide and pot
Halloween cauldron themed bug slide printable

Our bug slides are kept upstairs, ready for unexpected bathroom visitors, and downstairs, hung over a magnetic hook on the kitchen fridge.  The pots themselves can be any you feel comforatble handling - recycled plastic dessert pots or weightier glass, for the additional reassurance of a heavy enclosure!

To string the plastic pots, use a hole punch - Draper on amazon and make a small cutout, thread a two holed shirt button with cord. Take the cord ends and pass them through the hole in the pot so that the button sits inside the pot and doesn't intefere with the level when upturned to catch the insect. Glue the button in place.
Thread a small button
Help children understand the importance of relocating insects rather than killing them by practising with plastic spiders - on amazon.co.uk and exploring the role that insects play in our eco-system.

Young children's picture books Aaaarrgghh, Spider! by
Lydia Monks - on amazon.co.uk and Beetle in the bathroom by Brian Moss

Insects, bugs, creepy crawly wildlife .. Creature crawlies you mikght encounter indoors ..

a Weevil
Crane flies or daddy long legs
Ladybirds - red and yellow
Cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs
click to open up the printable NB: If your bug numbers are a little out-of-control, check your local gov.uk website for environmental health services - locate a county council website on direct.gov.uk and see if they can help ease any risky situations.
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