Cat floss toy!  24.3.2014

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We play 'tooth flossing' each morning and although making beds takes longer it's always fun :)

This is however a controversial and with apologies a possibly irresponsible idea, please be sure you want your cat to play with thread - the risks associated with abandoned string, yarn, line on

 Floss in this activity is polypropylene twine
Cat floss - handmade string toy for feline oral hygiene


Please know that this toy idea is not endorsed by professional's nor is it an exact science.
Please use any string toy with continued supervision and speak to your vet if you ever have concerns about flossing your cat's teeth or cat's dental health care in general.

 Replace this toy's
chase strings as soon as they start showing the smallest sign of wear, shredding or fraying. Avoid pulling the threads through cat's mouth, if playing gently puss will usually catch and move the strings between their teeth independantly, chewing the string is dangerous, always move play on if it looks like the toy is going to become a meal! Tickle, chase and when finished, hang & store out of sight.

A dental checkup usually occurs at the annual vaccination visit making it a perfect time to discuss tooth decay and preventative actions.

Cat's protection tooth and oral guide  - a useful diagram of cat teeth on

Dental hygiene toy - cat flossing string
View the string toy sewing instructions
Click to view the toy making guide
String toy Resources need
Piece of fabric 10" x 6"
Length of  cord or a shoe lace approx 25"
A number of 15"  polypropylene string lengths - on
Small quantity of toy stuffing
Access to a sewing machine, needle and thread
Resources needed to make a string cat flossing toy

To make the main body 
1 Turn a 5mm fold on the top of one short fabric edge and sew in place.
2 On the wrong side of fabric, position the cord along the middle, leaving a gap of 1cm at the       raw edge. Check that the length of cord stretches out from the already hemmed edge and
then stitch the cord securely in place.
3 With right sides inwards, bring the long edges of fabric together stitch down the length.
       Turn the newly formed tube the right side out

4 Press together the hemmed edges centralising the side seam to the sewn cord's seam.  
       With the cord now coming from the middle sew the hemmed edges together.
5 Fill with hollow-fiber stuffing until firm. Fold in the remaining raw edge and run a gathering stitch around the edge, pull up .. at this point a short length of ribbon can be sewn in place to act as a wrist strap or a storage loop. Tie off the gathering thread securely.  
Adding the strings
6 Tie a loop at one end of the cord / shoe lace. This is what will hold the nylon strings
7 Cut a number of 15" polypropolyne lengths and pass the ends through the cord loop.
8 At the half way point hold all together, loop and knot tightly.

Cat flossing toy step 1 Cat flossing toy step 2 Cat flossing toy step 3 Cat flossing toy step 4
Cat flossing toy step 5   Cat flossing toy step 6, 7 and 8
Replace strings

When necessary replace the strings by snipping at the looped area, just above the knot, removing, then tying on new lengths. Always check that the ends are equal so that any damage can be seen quickly.

Enjoy your cat play xx
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