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Dairy free chocolate carrots! 

6.3.2014 - updated 19.6.2019 

Ted rabbit box template to celebrate the spring, equinox, Easter
and chocolate!

Make your own dairy free chocolate gifts

If you need to avoid milk protein, have vegans as family and friends or just love creating your own chocolate gifts please enjoy this free illustrated box template. It came about in a year when there were few options available for children and a young nephew I dearly wanted to include in the season's choccy buying!

Fortunately the range of dairy free products has exploded!  So whilst finding suitable gifts is not a problem anymore Ted rabbit still offers the opportunity to personalise your presents.

using dairy free chocolate in children's spring time gifts

  Making Ted's chocolate carrots

First source a mould and place it on a baking tray. Then minimise any waste by grating the chocolate finely and spooning a quantity into each of the mould's cavities. Press down firmly and heat in an oven. Wait as the chocolate settles and top up again if necessary.

Once cooled and set, turn out the carrots onto a clean surface and then seal in an airtight bag. Wrap the bag with green or orange tissue paper and place it in Ted's carrot box.

tie the box corners together

Download and print the template onto heavy 300gsm card

carrot box printable

Cut out and hole punch each corner of the 'wooden' box's sides

Create base edges by folding the 4 outer sides of the box inwards and then use string to bring the sides together, securing them through the punched holes. and creating the box shape.

Rabbit and carrot
Resources needed
affiliate links are to amazon.co.uk

chocolate carrots A silicone carrot shaped mould  

airy free chocolate coins
mould and gold foil

chocolate carrots  A grater
chocolate carrots Heavy card stock for printing the template onto
chocolate carrots  Hole punch & string           
chocolate carrots A printout of the box template - image or p d f file
chocolate carrots  Dairy free chocolate options ...

tiny carrot  Moo free milk bars  

tiny carrot  Humdinger dairy free white & brown buttons    

tiny carrot Plamil dairy free vegan white chocolate or organica white
chocolate carrots Zip lock bags  & green tissue paper                  

Image template - dairy free chocolate box template

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