free sewing pattern and guide to making your own
aisy flower catnip toy

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This petal decorated bag is secured using 20mm or 1" hook & loop tape and once finished, filled with a handful of catnip cataria nepata for your cat's delight!

Use an A4 sized zip lock or grip seal bag between playtimes to keep the nip fresh

Make a daisy flower catnip bag with a free sewing pattern template
Materials needed
Links are to

Cotton fabric colours for bag, petals & central disk
daisy 1" Hook & loop tape
daisy Hemp, jute string (optional)
daisy Catnip 
daisy Scrunchy sounding plastic  cellophane
Materials needed to make a daisy themed catnip toy
Daisy petal sewing pattern - outline templates
Print the pattern twice to cut out each individual piece

Daisy petal sewing pattern templates

cut 1 daisy centre
daisy cut 14 petals pieces - to make 7 in total
daisy cut 7 lengths of string approx. 12cm    
daisy cut 2 bag body pieces 29cm x 34cm
daisy cut 2x 29cm lengths of hook and loop tape  
daisy cut 7 4cm x 12cm strips of crunchy sounding plastic
     (eg. celephane from food, toy packaging or wrap)



Making the petals
daisy cut 14 individual pieces and lay them together in pairs, forming 7 in total
daisy stitch around the outer edge of each pair leaving the flat base open
daisy turn right side out and iron flat
daisy scrunch up and slide a strip of plastic inside each petal and rustle it to expeience the sound
daisy loop one piece of string and tack the ends together close to the opening
daisy fold over the botom corners of each petal, inwards covering the string ends and & tack in place

repeat this for each of the 6 remaining petals. 

making process for the daisy petals

Create a circle of petals before attaching them to the front of the bag.

daisy tack the corners of petal end togtether until a whole round is formed
join all the petals together  

Making the daisy centre eye   
daisy cut one circle and lay a gathering stich around the outer edge
daisy pull up the gathers and secure them together
daisy turn the piece over and flatten - google image search for Suffolk puff       

making the cental daisy disk or eye

Making the bag
daisy join two of the longer sides together & overlock the raw edge
daisy fold down the top twice to make a 1" hem, iron flat and stitch in place.
daisy Open the sides out and on the inner side, sew a length of hook to one hemmed edge, and loop to the other.

join side edges, hem and attach hook and loop tape
daisy turn the bag over so that it remains opened out, but is right side up  
daisy position the round of petals in the centre of one side
daisy position the daisy eye or central disk at the core, covering all the raw edges of the petals and the string
daisy pin and tack in place, then machine stitch the disk in place, securing the petals+string at the same time.
daisy once finished, check each petal by tugging at it firmly.
daisy To keep the petals from snagging as the remaining bag seams are sewn, bring the tips together and secure with a safety pin.
daisy Fold the bag back in half matching the side and bottom edges. Sew together & overlock to finish off.
daisy Turn the whole bag right side out and test that the hook and loop secures the entire opening - this is what will prevent the catnip from escaping.
daisy Remove the safety pin and free the petals.
daisy Fill the bag with a handful of your prefered brand of catnip.
daisy Present to your cat and see what happens ...                              
finish the bag seams, turn right side out, fill with catnip and securing the opening

 avoid the possibility of queuing
! make one per cat :)

make a catnip toy for each cat

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