Dandelion seed clocks 8.5.2014

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made from cotton buds, straws and clay! A cute way to decorate a windowsill without the worry of seed control :) and perfect for doodling away a sunday afternoon.
Making dandelion clocks

What you'll need

Cotton buds and scissors
Airdry clay - white or brown and time
Green drinking straws
Iridescent glitter  or lettuce seeds - optional
A piece of sticky tape  - optional

Links are to amazon.co.uk  

A terracotta pot  makes a nice display container - squish a little clay into the bottom to hold them in place.

  Making your dandelion seed clocks  
Insert your dandelion cotton bud  s into the ball of clay
 Prepare the dandelion's stalk by cutting away the bendy part of a drinking straw - if it  has one! this section can be used later as a leaf if wanted.

 Next roll a 15g ball of clay, or so that it measures about 2cm across the front and roll
 in the iridescent glitter or if using brown clay in lettuce seeds. Gently push the now sparkly clay ball ontop the drinking straw.
 Snip a number of cotton buds in half or to your own desired length and begin inserting them into the clay..

Once happy with the seed head's shape, make a leaf out of the discarded bendy straw section, sticky tape it to the lower side of the dandelion stalk, bending it downwards/outwards then cutting inside the length and shaping the end.

Finish by displaying in a pot or in a another blob of airdry clay.  
  Telling the time with dandelion seed clocks on wikipedia

To compliment the activity please feel free to use this garden lawn image as a device background!

dandelion desktop wallpaper
Dandelion clock wallpaper

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