Floating tower display! 27.7.2017

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If you've a collection of items that would look great displayed a little differently, a jar, some aqua beads and an led powered stand might just be the perfect thing! Make sure your pieces will be okay if immersed for any length of time with the rehydrated gel beads and then fill your chosen container. Stagger the position of each ornament so that if the floating tower should be rotated the view appears to spiral. Finish off by standing the jar on its illuminating base, or if suitable insert the light source inside the container before filling it with water beads & decorations. Then find the most awesome location to display your setup ensuring it'll receive all the admiration and coversation that's possible! 

floating glass display jar

Activity resources links are to amazon.co.uk
 clear water beads

 tall glass jar
 LED light stand
clear water beads on amazon.co.uk
glass display jars on amazon.co.uk Led light base stand on amazon.co.uk

Sugggestions on what might float! 

 dice to float
 small glass ornaments
Dice to display on amazon.co.uk
Miniature glass ornaments

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