Hedgehog invitations

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If you've a party, fundraiser, BBQ, fayre or other event that people will need details of
please feel free to use these illustrated slips to support your efforts xx



 green leaves Hedgehog invite - blank and Hedgehog event notice - prefilled green leaves
add an event name, a date and time and where it'll be held ..

Click to open the blank image

Click to open the pre filled image
Illustrated hedgehog How tos..
Click the image so it opens in a new window
Right click on the image and 'save'
Open your word processing programme
Insert or import the image
Set it to behind text or add text over and enter your own information
Alternatively print and handwrite - calligraphy pens on amazon.co.uk
Illustrated hedgehog Support hedgehog rescue ..
Veggie burger recipes & desserts for your BBQ's animal supporting guests
Hedgehog themed bunting for fayre decoration

(C) copyright to the illustrations belongs exclusively to Ruth Grimes 2013

Our nightly prickle
hedgehog's nightly visits

 Have fun xx


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