Kenilworth ivy

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   Cymbalaria muralis finally remembered to formally identify this plant!
kenilworth ivy - ivy-leaved toadflax  - coliseum ivy - Oxford ivy - mother of thousands -
pennywort - wandering sailor  

 on Wikipedia

and in my experience, also known as ..

 Climbing weed with purple flower and yellow bits in the middle!
 Creeping wild flower over outdoor waste ground
 Succulent type of weed on a dry stone wall
 Small flowered trailing vine, ivy leaf type floor covering plant
 Little purple weed just started growing in garden!
 Tiny lilac flower looks like miniature antirrhinum snapdragon!


Up close with Kenilworth ivy or pennywort flowers each measuring around 10mm

Up close with the small pretty purple flowered creeping weed Pennywort!  

Kenilworth ivy invasion! just before the blue fescue grass receives its trim back!

Invading kenilworth ivy - trailing wild flower

and 'au naturel'  this is such a pretty little plant.

wild flower floor covering - dainty purple weed

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