Rhipsalis Hatiora cactus for sale, to buy 

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The miniature or dwarf Easter cacti shown below are descendants from the plant I found at a local Christmas craft fair 11 years ago. They have beautiful bright pink daisy like flowers that measure approx. 20mm segments root very easily in a light compost or water.

21.11.2016 UK only: if you'd like to purchase a segment cutting for rooting yourself please get in touch - cointote@pixiehats.com

Cost is £5.50 & includes p&p. Payment via paypal.  

 Rhipsalis Hatiora miniature dwarf Easter flowering cactus - segments to root

Plant in a light airy mix of perlite and peat free compost

Lots of information about the care of these plants on wikipedia.org - growing easter cactus  

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