Yellow toadflax

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  Linaria vulgaris this lovely wild flower has naturalised at the bottom of my somewhat   
unkempt garden! Officially known by the familiar names - common yellow toadflax - butter and eggs

 on Wikipedia and

in passing we've also, perhaps rudely, refered to it as
a pretty yellow spiked flower growing wild!  Meadow bunny mouths, miniature antirrhinum or snapdragon


Summer time, and one of the many visits made by this & other fuzzy pollinators

Common yellow toadflax and a pollinator visit during the summer

Self initiated, this naturalised clump of toadflax is happily undisturbed and much admired
Medicinal uses

Clump of naturalised yellow toadflax Linaria vulgaris

Autumn, and as the idiom would express .. gone to seed!

Autumnal seed setting - toadflax pods
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