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Bat bracelet 

handmade polymer clay jewellery
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This bracelet is a combination of handmade black polymer clay leaves, flowers and metal alloy bat and star shaped charms, it also features some very cute teeny tiny glow-in-the-dark glass bubble orbs which can be bought a little further down this page or
if you pop over to pixiehats' page on ebay.  Great for Halloween or in support of our noctural friends, the selection of beads listed below can be adapted to fit your own unique preferences.

The bat conservation society

Bat bracelet handmade polymer clay jewellery  

What you'll need to make this bat themed jewellery

  • chain link and bracelet clasps
  • flat head pins
  • open rings
  • set of jewellery tools

  • 10x black leaves + starlight flowers

  • bat connector 
  • silver tone themed charms - bats, stars, swirl
  • glass glow in the dark bubble orbs

  • hanging bead sequence 1
  • 3mm yellow glass rondelle beads
  • 6mm frosted yellow beads 
  • 8mm gold sparkle beads

    hanging bead sequence 2

  • 3x blue 4mm bicone beads
  • 1x 10mm silver star charm

Beads and findings to handmake a bat themed bracelet


Bat connector  Star charms 4mm bicone beads 8mm gold beads 6mm frost beads

Glow in the dark glass bubble orbs

Buy glass bubble bead charms
 each measures 10mm wide x 15mm length

If you basket ever totals more than £1.25 postage please feel free to get in touch to request a new invoice acornink@pixiehats.com

this page was last updated on the 24.11.2018

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