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Bellis daisy jewellery 

ivy leaves and crystal glass beads

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This cheerful collection of bright pink pompom daisies, fresh green ivy and dangly glass beads is a gorgeous fit for spring time jewellery making.  
Pop over to pixiehats' eBay to pick up the Bellis Perennis daisy charms and the ivies, then along with
the suggested beads or a mix of your own favourites lay out the deisgn ready for assembly.
  Bellis daisy jewellery - handmade bracelet

What you'll need to make a Bellis daisy and ivy bracelet

  • chain link and bracelet clasps
  • Flat head pins for bead assembly
  • jump rings
  • set of jewellery tools

  • 10x Bellis daisy charms + 10x large ivies

  •  Flower and bee silver tone metal charms
  • Sequence 1: 6mm pink glass bead + 10x8mm pink bead + 8mm bead cap #
  • Sequence 2: 4x 3x4mm yellow glass rondelle beads
  • Sequence 3: 4x 3x4mm red glass bicone beads

Charms and beads to make a Bellis daisy bracelet

Pink beads
7mm bead cap
6mm pink beads   yellow rondelle 4mm red bicone

Bee charms
Flower charms  chain    toggle clasps  Tools

Pink bellis daisy charm bracelet - handmade using polymer clay

Polymer clay jewellery - pink Bellis daisy bracelet

The inspiration for these polymer clay charms came from the local In Bloom committee, when last year they filled huge tractor tyres at the top of our road with a lovely selection of spring flowers. These gorgeous bright pink, yellow centered balls decorated the inner rims and lasted well into June before being ousted for a summer collection, they were a delight to pass each day.

Sadly however, being double flowers they are little use to bees and other pollinators who stuggle to get in at the nectar so in hope different flowers are choosen next time around but wanting to remember their pretty positioning I thought they'd look nice in clay!

To grow your own pink daisy haven, sow seeds for flowers the next year - pink daisy seeds or buy plug plants that will give a pretty show a few months later.

 Bellis daisy handmade polymer clay flower charms

Double pink Bellis daisy flowers - pompom blooms
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