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Blackberry charm bracelet  

some handmade summer fruit jewellery for the warmest season

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Hedgerows and wild areas hold wonderful opportunities to inspire creative jewellery projects, this handmade blackberry bracelet is one such example. The berries are charms handcrafted from black polymer clay and accompanying them are an
assortment of crystal glass and lava rock beads, each assembled to add a little extra interest to the overall theme. Combined, this attractive accessory aims to celebrate the charm that these sweet juicy, summer time fruits have for gardeners, minibeasts and all lovers of the countryside.      
More on blackberries over at wikipedia

Blackberry charm bracelet

What you'll need to make this blackberry bracelet

  • chain link and bracelet clasps
  • flat head pins
  • jump rings
  • set of jewellery tools

  • Pixiehats' blackberry charm set

  • Spider web charms
  • bee charm

  • Green rock sequence 1
    4mm bicone + 8mm lava rock + 2x 4mm bicone

  • Blue goldstone sequence 2
    8mm blue goldstone+ 8mm bead cap + 2x 4mm rondelle 

Blackberry beads and charms

8mm lava rock beads 4mm bicone green beads 4mm rondelle 8mm bluestone beads 8mm bead caps

spider web charms bee charms jewellery tools jewellery chain bracelet toggles

Handmade polymer clay blackberry charm bracelet

For us locally, bramble thickets grow in a number of untamed places, each a haven in itself for all manner of creature who seem perfectly happy to dwell on, in and under the swathes of prickle laden branches. Stealing blackberries from under their many legs is quite a daunting feat.

Come mid-August a few visits are paid to a favourite spot where enough ripe berries are usually waiting to fill up a tub. This fav strip of finger-staining awesomeness runs behind a row of enormous fir trees lining the local cricket club grounds, held partially in check by an equally enormous railing fence that, regardless of its height still enables lots of thorny green tentacles to tumble up, over and out through the fence's in-between gaps, going on to form a trailing blanket along the edge of the adjacent pedestrian/cyclepath and an overhead canopy as the vines wind and knit together, this top and bottom shelving makes reaching the plump bounty far less fraught!

Blackberry brambleg growing wild

To make your own unique blackberry jewellery pieces be it a necklace, earrings, a brooch or personalised keychain charm, you'll need a set of pixiehats' blackberries, both large and small, bramble leaves and blossom flowers. To enjoy the real thing, you can quickly pick up recipes online for blackberry jam, a delicious winter warming crumble or maybe you fancy brewing up your own wine and beer -
brewdog blackberry craft beer.

Polymer clay blackberry charms in decorated glass jar  

Want to make some blackberry playdough?  

Pop over to this page for a natural dye recipe and some creative play ideas  blackberry playdough recipe on playdough-activities.com

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