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Handmade daffodil bracelet 

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Perfect for anticipating spring! Even with a forecast of snow this week(22nd January 2019) the daffodil leaves in various patches around the house are well underway with clumps proving nature feels it's time for some seasonally cheerful yellow and orange, and it's not wrong, the blooms will be a welcome sight in a still chilly and relatively flower free late winter. This bracelet showcases two colour combinations of  individually handmade daffodil blooms, some buds and leaves.
All are made from polymer clay and on this design they're nestled alongside metal music notes, bringing a little song to the mix.
Handmade daffodil bracelet for the spring  

What you'll need to make your daffodil bracelet

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  Charms and beads to make a daffodil bracelet

Wooden beads  4mm daisy spacers Music charms Golden seed beads Tools

Thanks for the interest, if you happen to love playdough this page over on playdough-activities.com takes daffodils further with some printables and activity ideas. Please enjoy them.  
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