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Green acorn bracelet

Handmade polymer clay and alloy charms in a seasonal celebration of the mighty Oak's fruit

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Acorns begin their journey to fallen nut in April and May as the oak produces its numerous clusters of yellow green dangling tassles, catkins full of flowers that waft their pollen over the air. Out of that dusty mist tiny nodes start to appear, budding up and growing on to form the familiar and much loved bunches of woodland and hedgerow filled cup n' nut. Each acorn ripens over the following months,turning its spring, olive green surface into a glossy tan brown. Throughout this process they'll
attract a variety of hungry and plant enthusiastic foragers, those endeavors mean some acorns will be eaten, a few squirreled away and handfuls will be used creatively, for any acorn managing to evade a looker's gaze, it might just find itself in the perfect spot to put down some roots. Germinating in the thick of an undergrowth begins a whole new sapling adventure and as oaks only fruit once a tree has reached *40 years old (*source), celebrating the seemingly humble acorn in as many ways as we can is a wonderful way to share our natural world and pass on this tree's historical significance - the English oak  

 Handmade polymer clay green acorn bracelet

The pieces used to make this green acorn and yellow poppy bracelet

  • chain link and bracelet clasps
  • flat head pins
  • jump rings
  • set of jewellery tools

  • Pixiehats geen acorns

  •  set of 10mm gold and bronze tone acorn charms

  • hanging bead sequence 1
  • 4mm bicone yellow gold glass beads
  • 6x8mm yellow rondelle bead
  • 10mm star like bead cap

    hanging bead sequence 2/3/4

  • 4mm bicone yellow gold glass beads
  • 6mm & 4mm metallic glitter beads

Items needed to make a green acorn bracelet

Yellow glass bead Star bead caps Metallic bead 4mm bicone bead Acorn charms

Green acorn beads and yellow poppies are available on pixiehats.com and over on eBay

 Green acorns - handmade polymer clay charms and beads
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