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Phoenix flames and ember flowers

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This bracelet features a combination of handmade polymer clay and metal charms that bring together a theme surrounding a mythological fire bird, the Phoenix, a magical creature with an ability to reincarnate itself from the ashes of its very own demise. Silver flowers depict the spit and flicker of glowing embers with reflections of red, amber and yellow, depending on the coloured glass siting at each centre. Alongside these are coal black lava stones, swirling alloy charms and shimmering flames.

  Phoenix mythology  

Phoenix flame, fire ane ember bracelet - handmade polymer clay beads and charms  

What you'll need to make this phoenix themed bracelet

  • chain link and bracelet clasps
  • flat head pins
  • open rings
  • set of jewellery tools

  • 5x flames + 10x ember flowers
  • 1x phoenix charm
  • 5x spiral charms

  • hanging bead sequence 1
  • 6mm bead cap
  • 8mm orange agate bead
  • 6mm faceted yellow bead
  • 4mm orange bicone  
    Sequence: 1x bead cap>8mm orange agate>6mm yellow>4mm orange bicone>loop

    hanging bead sequence 2

  • 10mm black lava rock bead
  • 7mm bead cap
  • 2x 4mm translucent black bicone  
    Sequence: 1x bead cap>lava bead>2x bicone  loop off

    hanging bead sequence 3

  • 4mm red & black rondelle beads
    Sequence: 4x rondelle beads> loop off

Hopw to make a phoenix flame and fire ember bracelet

Phoenix charms  4mm rondelle beads Bead caps 8mm orange beads 6mm yellow beads

Lava beads  Spiral charms 4mm bicone  Tools chain


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