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Handmade poppy bracelet 

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The inspiration for this pretty set of polymer clay flowers, leaves, wood and glass beads, plus a few silvery charms that help give the jewellery a story, is a view, a field filled with green and the sway of many delicate poppy red petals.  
Wild and cultivated patches bring colour to nooks in our garden right throughout the spring and into late summer, and when out and about rambling they can be found edging splashes of the countryside's meadow-like verge.

As a symbol of remembrance the plant's slender stems have a grace that makes them a poignant, timely reminder of the lives lost in
war. Remembrance Day November 11th

In Flander's Field by John McCrae

 Poppy bracelet - handmade polymer clay flower charms

What you'll need to make a poppy green jewellery set

  • chain link and bracelet clasps
  • flat head pins
  • open rings
  • set of jewellery tools

  • 20x red poppies and 10x dark green leaves

  •  silver tone themed charms - birds, hearts, a tree of life
  •  green glass stick beads

  • hanging bead sequence 1
  • 2mm light green seed beads
  • 3x4mm green rondelle 
    Sequence: 1x seed bead>1x rondelle>4x seed beads> loop off

    hanging bead sequence 2

  • 10mm wooden beads
  • 10mm silver bead caps
  • rondelle beads - translucent green
    Sequence: 1x bead cap>wooden bead>1x bead cap>2x green rondelle>loop

Beads and charms needed to make a poppy field bracelet

Green seed beads 4mm rondelle Green sticks  Tools chain

10mm wood beads Bead caps Heart charms  Bird charms  Tree of life

Expand the design to earrings and a necklace cluster.
Make your own poppy bead and charm jewellery set

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Poppy bracelet

Field of poppy and whetat

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