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Rainbow jewellery  

a pretty collection of flowers,raindrops, sunshine and prisms

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Pride month arrives each June in commemoration of the Stonewall uprising in New York 1969. Sales of the little ranunculus flowers that feature on this bracelet  flourish throughout May and it's my delight to be able to make them and the bracelet itself in solidarity with 
LGBTQIA friends. The blooms can be laid out in any sequence with a scattering of silver charms and crystal glass beads inbetween, adding a personalised touch to your creation. Pure white leaves form the foundation, bringing with them eternity and strong friendships.     
  Rainbow jewellery - ranunculus flower bracelet

What you'll need to make this rainbow flowered bracelet

Start by creating a weather storm on your wrist that combines the elements needed for a rainbow to appear, add the light of a sun charm, the faceted sides of crystal clear raindrops and then prisms, with their reflection and colour.

  • chain link and bracelet clasps
  • flat head pins
  • jump rings
  • set of jewellery tools

  • Pixiehats ranunculus like flowers and 
  • white leaves

  • enamel rainbow charms
  • heart shaped charms
  • a sun charm

  • Raindrops bead sequence 1
    12mm teardrop bead + 4mm clear glass rondelle bead
  • Prism bead sequence 2
    4mm rondelle beads - deep blue + light blue + lilac
  • Prism bead sequence
    4mm rondelle beads - red + orange + yellow

Making a rainbow charm bracelet

rainbow charms sun charm heart charm 3x4mm rondelle  teardrops 


Rainbow pride jewellery bracelet

If you aim to gift your finished bracelet or other handmade jewellery please feel free to use the printable below as wrapping paper / gift wrap. Select the image and print via the menu on your device.  
printable rainbow gift wrapping paper

What do the colours of a rainbow mean?

Love rainbow playdough?  

visit playdough-activities.com for activity ideas and printables.

Rainbow playdough activities

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