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Snowdrop bracelet

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With the first snowfall of the year now behind us and only corners of the garden where the sun hasn't quite reached offering a reminder, it was a lovely to have the opportunity to make a piece of jewellery inspired by the green leaf and bud tips just peeking out above
the icy frosted white. The collection of charms featured on this bracelet are random mix of clear and crackled glass beads saved from other projects and dismatled jewellery, most frequently treasures found in local charity shops. The snowdrops and (daffodil) leaves are handmade from polymer clay and are available to buy on site and over on eBay.

 Snowdrop bracelet on ice

What you'll need to make a frosty snowdrop bracelet

  • chain link and bracelet clasps
  • flat head pins
  • jump rings
  • set of jewellery tools

  • Pixiehats snowdrop charms 10x large 10x small
  • and 10x daffodil leaves
  • set of silver tone snowflake charms

  • hanging bead sequence 1
  • 8mm glass crackle bead
  • 4mm AB bicone bead 

    hanging bead sequence 2

  • Glass, crystal quartz beads
  • 4mm AB bicone bead
  • hanging bead sequence 3
  • 4mm silver foil spacer bead
  • 4mm AB bicone bead

Items needed to make a spring time snowdrop flower bracelet

Crackle beads Glass beads 3x4mm rondelle Silver spacers Snowflake charms

Snowdrop flower bracelet - making your own jewelley pieces
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