Poem & colouring  3.1.2016

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An ode to vegan confectionery!

written and illustrated by Ruth Grimes © 2016
Jelly sweet bags tied

Jelly sweets and candy shapes stand all in a row,
without any gelatine and tied with a bow.
They're yummy to taste, delightful to see,
ethically sound and e-number free.

Oh jelly sweets, candy shapes stood in your row,
when will you pop from my dreamy night's show?
Who would create this sight to behold,
and would I still check the ingredients sold?

Jelly sweets, candy shapes stand tall in your row,
one day you'll be everywhere, treats on-the-go.
V symbols that sit on wrap, branded sides,
visibly visable not trying to hide.

Specialised labels are friend to the lost,
but sadly not always the comparison cost.
Slowly and surely oh jelly sweet shapes,
you're finding the way through our changing landscapes.

So for anyone liking the odd chewy sweet
and those who shop with all needs to meet,
a please, to the makers of candy shape gifts,
'stay kind and considerate for our smiles to lift'.

   About sugar on NHS and How to brush teeth  

Jelly sweet outline colouring picture  and Jelly sweets and candy shapes poem printable

Jelly candy sweets outline colouring picture
Jelly sweets and candy shape rhyme

Fans of the jelly sweet find textured sugar and sugar free treats amongst the store shelves and know there are a few tailored to medical dietary needs and to those avoiding animal byproducts, and whilst highly sugared sweets are indeed one of the least healthy options around, in our home they're gifted for occassions where raw foods and chocolate don't quite hit the note!

A couple favourites if you too try to avoid animal derived jelly sweets
 Biona jellies on amazon.co.uk
Bear pure fruit range  on amazon.co.uk
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