Paper seed potsand seed packet templates

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A great way to use up newspaper, unwanted gift wrap
and packing paper, other than for the cat! is to turn it into biodegradable seedling pots, perfect for the spring.

Wooden paper pot making kit on

Make your own paper seedling pots

Using a wooden pot making kit or everyday plastic cup, select your paper and fold in half lengthways, wrap it around the body of the tool as many times as wanted leaving enough overhang at the base to cover it when folded inwards. Secure the side seam with a piece of paper tape or sticky tapeso as to help prevent it from unravelling.

Create your pot base by folding the overlap inwards and pressing down firmly onto a hard surface. Slide the container off and fill with your prefered compost, seeds & label.
Cats in packing paper!

Tools that form paper pots
Peat free paper friendly seed pots  Links are to
seedling leaves
Paper pot making kit
seedling leaves Plumbing pipe
seedling leaves Cups
seedling leaves Cardboard tubing
eg. toilet, kitchen tissue, gift wrap rolls

Resources to secure the pot edge
seedling leaves
Brown paper tape
seedling leaves White paper / masking tape

Seed packet templates use these to save your own harvests, take part in a seedswaps or gift during friend and family celebrations.

recycled seedling paper pot seedling leaves Blank seed packet outline

seedling leaves Basic seed packet template

Print the template to paper and cut out or use semi-transparent tracing paper

Click to view the full sized seed packet envelope template

seedling leaves Print labels to a full sized A4 sheet of label paper and
attach to
small money envelopes, bags or packets.

seedling label banner

Illustrated designs are for non commercial use only  

seedling leaves Seed swap label 
Seed swap birds
seedling leaves Seed swap packet template
seedling leaves Seed swap envelope label

Click for full seed packet design
Label up your seed swap collections

seedling label banner

seedling leaves Time to save & sow
Handfasting wedding seed packet template

seedling leaves Seed packet template
seedling leaves Seed envelope labels
print labels to full A4 sized label sheets

Click to see full seed packet template outline
General seed packet labels

seedling label banner
seedling leaves Seeds to celebrate ..Handfasting wedding seed packet template

seedling leaves Handfasting seed packet template

seedling leaves Wedding seed packet labels attach these to envelopes/bags of choice

Click to see this handfasting wedding seed packet template
Handfasting celebration - seed packet label
seedling label banner

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