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We were introduced to these yummy sticks via an online game my son was enjoying and where Cinco de Mayo is an event they celebrate with great respect.

Churros in the UK

After some research, trial & error we've agreed this recipe satisfies the terrible 'want more' grumble and helps to keep an eye on the UK's guidance for a healthier nation! They are traditionally piped from star shaped nozzels making them ridged in appearance, I found that stiffening the dough a little enabled them to be gently hand rolled, working around the necessity for a piping bag and additional washing up!


This quantity makes about 10 x 10cm churros, double or triple it at your leisure :)
Larder ingredients involve water, sugar, salt, vanilla essence, oil, flour and cinnamon

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Churro recipe sheet

Method, ingredients and quantities ...

flour to make churros

Place 75gm of flour in a bowl.

Liquid ingredients to make churros
Place 35gm of granulated sugar in a sucepan along with
1/4pt of water
1 tsp vanilla essence
Pinch of salt

1 tablespoon oil and bring this liquid mixture to the boil.

Churro dough Remove from the heat whilst bubbling and with care add to the flour, stir continuously until it all becomes a firm dough.
Leave to cool then roll and snip into 10 sections. Roll each of these pieces until approx 10cm long.

Prepare the churro dust by mixing caster sugar with a prefered amount of cinnamon depending on your taste preference.

Fry the churros Heat up the oil and fry each churro until golden brown.
Remove and lay on an absorbent sheet to soak away any excess oil.
Cinnamon and sugar dusting
Place into the churro dust and shake to cover generously.

Eat and enjoy Serve, eat and enjoy .. delicious :)  

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