Raspberry cordial recipe

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Refreshing raspberry cordial recipe using lemons and garden produce, sparkling refreshment for the summer holidays.

Refreshing chilled raspberry cordial  

raspberry icon  You will need ..
 225g fresh raspberries
 300ml water
 1 lemon
 100g granulated sugar

This recipe makes around 520ml of concentrate.


raspberry icon   Equipment needed:
a power blender 
a saucepan 
a funnel sieve
some muslin cloth
a jug
storage bottle
a fridge!

To serve - a glass, drinking straws, icecubes & lemonade ..
                                                                                or sparkling white wine :)
 Pour a ratio of 2/3 cordial to 1/3 mixer.

raspberry icon    To make
 Blitz the berries with the juice of 1 lemon.
 In a pan bring the water and all of the sugar to the boil.
 Add the berry mixture, stir and simmer for a further 5 minutes.
 Leave to cool then strain through muslin cloth into a jug so as to      
    remove all seeds. Strain again from the jug to a preserving bottle.

Serve chilled with ice and a slice of lemon.

Freeze and use within 3 months

Recipe suitable for vegetarians To make sure this recipe is ethically suitable for vegans and vegetarians please check your sugar's packaging -
             about animal bone char .

Making raspberry cordial

Grow your own raspberrries to harvest and freeze - raspberry canes on amazon.co.uk
and recycle your lemon pips into some lemon suitable soil - citrus compost. After about 2-4 weeks seedings will appear :) and feeding with a nitrogen rich solution can begin - baby bio citrus feed

lemon pip recycling!


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