Slimy putty & goo! 

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recipe for squashy putty or slime
great all'hallows activity ... or fun for anytime!

Vary the quantity of water so that your goo's consistency differs.

Make putty slime and goo for halloween


Resources needed
Putty ingredients 1 head tsp  Borax
Putty ingredients  2 tbs PVA glue
Putty ingredients  7 floz Water
Putty ingredients  1 tsp food colouring

 Smaller container
 Sprinkles - table confetti, sequins & glitter

For a more solid putty reduce the amount of water to approx 5floz

How to make gooey slime ...

 View the recipe poster - right click & save to print later or print directly from the page. Free for all personal & charity fundrasing - not for any other commercial use sorry xx

Putty ingredients  Other uses for borax -  

Have gloopy fun :)


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