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Replacing the scraper blades on an 

Imperia pasta making machine SP150

As sales of Pixiehats' charms continue to grow, yay! So sadly had the 'clay conditioning' ache in my hands and finger joints, not yay. With a forceful prod from a family member I finally decided to change the direction of use for our pasta maker and have it turn out much needed sheets of
polymer clay instead of the more usual pasta dough. However, turns out the machine had other ideas when we discovered both scraper blades had broken, snapping at the ends rendering it pretty much unusable, arghh :(

Imperia pasta machine SP150 for polymer clay


Broken scraper blades from Imperia pasta machine model SP150

Broken snapped scraper on pasta machine

Being a consumable part of the machine I genuinely thought finding replacement scraper blades would be relatively easy and equally important, affordable.

This wasn't the case and for the following few months super glue was the go-to alongside some strategic positioning of the clay. 

I'm very pleased to say that eventually we managed to source a set of new scrapers and relieved when, once fitted the machine was able to beat down and flatten out a beautifully smooth sheet of clay.

Happily, that was all 4 years ago and the same blades are still going strong, I've even managed to find a supplier so can offer them to kneaders in the same doughy or clay bound situation! So ..

Spare replacement scraper blades for Imperia pasta machine SP150
if you're in the UK and would like to buy a set of 2 (grey) pasta machine scrapers you can pay on this button: 


This page was last updated on 8th May 2022

Imperia pasta maker spare parts - scraper blades

Which pasta machines do these scraper bades fit?

Whilst I don't have personal experience of these sheeter machines the blades are listed as fitting the following models:

iPasta 100 162
Titania 180 190
Pasta Presto 230V 700
Pasta Presto 120V 720
Pasta Presto Manual 740
Each scraper measures 144mm long x 25mm width

Fitting the scraper blades

First time removing the pasta machine's scraper blades can be quite daunting. I wasn't sure how to break the machine down in order to get the blades out and then struggled to fit the new scrapers - in their scarcity at the time, the fear of breaking the new ones was real! But everything was good. The replacements, in my opinion, are far more robust than the originals - they're made from acetal resin and have a stiff, flexibility that the older brittle plastic didn't so they can be safely flexed upwards once the metal studs (found on the machine's inner walls) have been captured by the ends of each scraper blade and the support rods have been guided back through the channel/groove and into the hole on the other side.

These are the maintenance tools you'll need to remove and refit the Imperia pasta machine's scraper blades:
Scraper blade removal guide below:

Right click the image below to save it to your device. Left clicking the image will take you to  amazon.co.uk where you can buy a new  Imperia home pasta maker machine.
replacing the scraper blades on Imperia pasta machine

Get to know the scraper blades.
It truly helps to avoid a few problems if these pointers can be remembered.
1. The blades have a set way of going in - both flat/straight ends need to lay against the handle side and the shaped, cut out ends fit against the dial side.
2. The cup or dip found on the ends of the scrapers are most important. They must capture and 'hug' the raised metal studs found on the inner wall of the machine so that once the rods are in place the tension keeps the blades pressed snugly against the surface of the rollers.

New clean scraper blade replacements for Imperia pasta machine
fitting clean replacement blades in pasta machine
Identifying the raised metal studs that stick out on the inner walls. The 'scooped' ends of each scraper need to cup these studs in order to be in the correct position.

Imperia pasta machine maintenance - changing the scraper blades
Guiding the support rods (blunt end first) back into place along the channel groove.

Working diagram of pasta machine rollers and scraper blades
Side view diagram of a pasta machine's rollers, the scraper blades, support rod ends and a sheetof clay passing through.

Cleaning the scraper blades frequently will make sure there is no left over dough or clay to harden off between uses which would otherwise causes excess strain to the scapers (pretty sure it was clogged resevoirs that snapped mine).

Stripping down the pasta machine

Working with a variety of  polymer clay colours means cleaning and wiping down the blades needs to happen often to prevent streaks from staining the new colour. It can be easier to do this if the machine is partially striped of its covers - one side and two top plates, makes inspection of the rollers & resevoir much more user friendly.

Best pasta machine for polymer clay conditioning and rolling

The top rest plates are secured to the main machine by cut-tails on each end (photo below) and slots in the machine's inner body that the tails fit into. To remove the plates you'll need to loosen the upper two nuts found on the handle's side with a 10mm spanner until enough wriggle room is created for them to be lifted out.

Removing any screws and nuts on the dial side of this pasxta machine is a bigger job not explored on this page.  

The picture below shows one of the slots on the inner side of the machine and a tail. These slots & tails ensure the plates are held in place whilst the bars located underneath are fixed in place by nuts at the other end.

Strip down pasta machine - remove top plates

If you have any questions about any of this please feel free to get in touch.

Happy pasta making.

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