Soap nut wash bag pattern

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Please feel free to use this pattern for any personal non-commercial activity.

Machine or hand stitch a prefered number of small fabric soap bags to hold the soapnuts during your machine washes. If you'd like to buy ready-made bags please visit this page - soap nut washing bags or see if pixiehats ebay page has any current listings -  handmade soapnut washing bags

soap nut wash bags - easy open

The pattern offered here is a result of the free muslin bags we received not really performing as expected!

The first few washes involved us searching around for escaped nuts over clothes, in the washing machine filter and in contrast not being able to undo the string ties easily enough to open the bag and check inside!

This idea features hook & loop tape as the mecanism for securing the soap nuts in place, and two pull handle tabs for easy opening and checking.

Please enjoy & have fun knowing your soap nuts make for one of the most eco-friendly ways to scrub-up clean


Sewing pattern for a soap nut washing bag
Resources needed

Printout of the soap nut wash bag
Cotton, calico, muslin or other fabric of choice
Access to a sewing machine or needle and thread
10mm  hook and loop tape - cut  20mm tape in half

  Soap nuts on sapindus on wikipedia &

To make
Cut one whole body piece and 2 pull tabs

Make the pull tabs first by folding one long edge into the middle.
--------- then the other long edge to the middle.
--------- then fold whole piece in half lengthways and sew in place forming a long narrow strip
--------- r hot iron helps to keep the fold lines in place.
--------- repeat so there’s 1 pull tab for each side of the bag. 

Create the hem area on the main bag by turn over and iron flat both upper hem lines

Take the raw ends of one pull tab, bring them together and using the hem lines as a guide, position on the bag where marked on the pattern.
--------- sew securely in place.
--------- repeat on the opposite side of the bag.

Make the pulls first and position on the body of the bag -- turn the hem outwards to enclose the raw pull tab ends

Turn the hem lines outwards and sew in place, covering the raw pull tab ends in the process.

Take the hook and loop tape and cut to fit each side of the bag.
--------- sew securely to what will be the inside edge of the bag

Finish up by folding the whole body piece in half – with pull tabs on the inside & tape on the outside. --------- sew the body the sides and bottom together and then turn right side out.
Make your own soap nut wash bag
Add your soap nuts and secure the bag pening with the hook & loop tape.

Open via the pull tabs on each side

Each finished bag measures approximately 12cm x 12cm  

Sopa nut wash bag Using sapindus soap nut wash basgs Hook and loop sealed soap nut washing bag  

Button count .. 

 A bag of 6ish soap nuts can be used 3-4 times before needing to be composted/green-cycled.

It can be difficult to keep track of how many washes each bag goes through,  buttons or wooden draught pieces can help!  add a 40mm button/piece to your soap nut bag just before you pop it into the wash. 4 buttons on ... take everything out and start again ...

Please use countdown items you feel comfortable with - wood, fabric, plastic and that you are confident won't escape the soap nut bag and cause a buildup in your washing machine's filter.


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