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Triskele gifts  19.06.2019  

This triskele shaped silicone mould
is a great way to handmake a variety of items that can be gifted, kept and eaten!   We've used it to create symbolic celtic, pagan castings from herculite that, once dry can be coloured with pen or paint and used as paper weights. Other mediums that work nicely are soap, crayon and scented wax melts, ice on a summer's day and chocolate :) yum! Triskelion on wikipedia

Handmade crayons for the  

    Triskelion shaped and scented wax melts
Handmade triskele scented wax melts

Triple spiral ice cubes to chill a summer's dayTriskele ice cubes for cool summe
rtime drinks

Handmade soaps from grated shreds, warm water, triskele mould and gemstones

Handmade soaps from a triskele shaped
silicone mould with gemstone inside

Making soaps
These soaps were made by grating down a bar into fine shreds and then mixing them with a little warm water until the mixture came together to form a soft mash.

Press firmly into the mould cavities and smooth off the top. Insert a tumblestone to reflect a birthday or message.  Leave to dry overnight on a warm radiator or airing cupboard and then carefully turn out and package :)


How to make triskelion shaped
gemstone soaps
Making soap using grated
shreds and warm water

Triple spiral chocolates, handmade from a triskelion mould

Handmade triple spiral shaped

Triskele plaster mould cast from herculite
link to amazon.co.uk

Triskele plaster cast models

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