British wildlife gift tags

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This set of six labels featuring British wildlife animals can be printed, cut and attached to presents that celebrate the gift giving season!  Each fits inside a C7 sized envelope making them a great system for secret Santa events.

Ivy badger, Flit the bat, Berrie fox, Holly hedgehog, Fizz the fawn and Peek the rabbit! please use them in support of the many wonderful charities out there working tirelessly to protect our native residents. Take a wander through their shops -
Bat conservation gifts , Willows hedgehog rescue and their amazon wishlist ,  Badgers trust shop front 

Alternatively you can buy handcut and made Yule tags on ebay that include an exclusive fir cone charm clip with sale proceeds going to The PTES charity

British wildlife animal gift label tags

  Making the tags yourself? you'll need
  300gsm card,

  a printer,

  hole punch,

  gift wrap and ties  
  Print of the wildlife gift tags


Christmas Yule gift tag labels - wildlife animals fox badger bat

 Enjoy and have a most wonderful Yule xx 
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