Yule tree crayons! 28.9.2014

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Have fun with this year's gifting and gift bringer's day on December 25th with tokens from your yule tree!

Give customised tree shaped crayons that hold the conundrum of a stuck coin!
Wrap in tissue paper and present inside a rolled up sheet of blank paper and if wanted an outline or tub coloured yule tree colouring picture.

If you've time, space and resources gather together a selection of glue sticks, sparkly gems and stickers so that on the day you share your handmade presents, decorating the yule tree picture can happen all at once.

Winter's solstice - Yuletide

Money and crayon gift to hang on tree dressing day
Why? you may well ask! this is a developed idea from plum pudding and sixpence research & the recollection of delight at finding extras in the most unexpected places. However, not much liking the clink of metal on tooth or the gag of near choking, a coin partially inserted into soft glittery crayon wax felt odd enough to be equally festive and challenging enough to be fun!!

 What you'll need
Product links are to amazon.co.uk

 Green crayons
 Gold glitter
 A £1 or £2 coin
 Kitchen foil
 A yuletree mould
 Green tissue paper
 Curling ribbon

 A print of the yule tree colouring page
 outline or precoloured tub
 A print of the yule tree crayon tags  

 Yule tree colouring picture
Yule tree outline with pre-coloured tub

Yule tree crayon gift tag

 To make 
1. Prepare your coins for partial insertion by covering them with a doubled layer of aluminium tin foil

2. Place the tree mould on an oven tray and cut up your wax crayons.
3. Fill the tree mould with the crayon pieces and sprinkle in a little of the glitter.
4. Put into a moderately hot oven and watch as the wax melts. Top up each mould cavity as necessary

Melting crayon wax in an oven
5. Remove from the oven steadily and leave to cool for 10 minutes
6. As the wax begins to set insert a foil covered coin into the centre so that it's held in an upright position.      
     Leave to harden for an hour+.

7. Finish your crayons by removing them from the mould, trimming up any edges and peeling, cutting and pushing back the foil to reveal the coin inside. A craft knife will help slice the foil cleanly without scoring the coin
Clean the foil from the visible part of the coin

Hang on the first weekend of december - tree dressing day/s, and gift during the run up to and on December 25th

However you make and use your crayons, enjoy them xx


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