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What happened when my printer suddenly displayed this error message

Waste ink pad in the printer is saturated. Contact your dealer to replac
e it.

waste ink pads on printer are saturated - contact dealer to replace

a sensation of doom!! ..  I love my printer it bridges the gap between virtual and physical and while it's nice to think it would last forever, I know its age meant that contacting the dealer was going to be pretty fruitless. The error occurred at 4 years and 3 months old, not bad I discovered when comparing it to others experiences, but still little comfort when thinking the terrible thought that this might be the end!


It'd been set to 'best photo' output for quite a while, anything less produced lines of missing dots.

Being low on inks - in no small part because of the high print setting, a fiercely tight budget and the sad knowledge that head cleaning empties those barrels faster than the bucket of dear Henry it was the push of needing packing invoices that at least looked as such, that the clean & nozzle check happened - 7 times straight to begin with, and then as things began to improve .. an 8th .. with that the world I & my printer know came to an abrupt halt.

This error locks you out completely, on and off are your only options.

My previous CX6400 took a manual combination of button pressing finger / thumb dexterity to have its life re-established. Not so for the newer old technology. Software it seems is now the only solution.

After googling for ages the following link to download an adjustment programme worked for my RX560 alongside changing the date of the system tray clock, which seems to be the internal trigger that makes the software capable of initiallising a reset of the waste ink pad counter, so on to the ...

1. Download this adjustment programme here -
programme to reset the waste  ink counter on epson RX560 printer - from

2. Change your device's date - double click the time in your system tray and then put the setting back to the 20.1.2007 ( it HAS to be this date) apply & close. There isn't any need to run the recommended bat file found in the programme'

3. Unzip and run the adjustment programme's .exe file - it's pretty much the same process as shown after 2.33 minutes into this youtube video - resetting ink pad counter on epson printer RX560,

Find out about the ink that's already been sent to your internal waste tank and  the reasons why Epson place a counter in your printer - they provide an Epson's utility reset for other printers but not the RX560 - on

5. Sort out a new collection point for your waste ink. I purchased an external ink tank from - they're based in the UK. You'll need to know how to remove the ink tank trapdoor cover on a RX560.

Follow these instructions, fit a new tank and enjoy your printouts once more .. :)

In the beginning, after the initial phase of research and not relishing the idea of running random t'internet downloads, I originally purchased an engineer's service disc on ebay.

 Sadly that software kept generating two errors .... a script error at line 17 & 95 and then communication error code 21000066 which on this programme was never resolved - with thanks I finally received a full refund for the disc and give up all hope of it ever working again.

communication error 21000066 when using a reset programme for epson printer RX560

I bought a new printer XP- 405 and resigned myself to learning a set of new operating skills & the how tos of wifi configuration! but I missed my 560 & felt sure the scrappy printouts would be good again with a few more head cleans so .. decided to give the above/first link adj. programme & readme file a go :) I'm so glad I did.

 Pro-jet, ink compatible cartridges on

Removing the adj. programme's remnant files from two locations is necessary if you ever want to run the programme again...
For 32bit & 64bit XP operating systems

The first one: click start  - then my computer, then Local Disc (C:) which is your hard drive
There you'll see a list of folders, check for one called "Adjustment program" right click on the folder and delete it.

The second one:
click start - then run and in the search box type in regedit and click ok
A list of things now appears
--------------------------- Look for and double click on “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE”
It’ll open up a drop down box
--------------------------- Now click “SOFTWARE” and another box opens
Look down the list for “EPSON” and click on it
Now you’ll now see another list of folders, one of them will be called “PTSG”
Right click on this folder and delete it.

If the PTSG folder is not there it can sometimes be found in this next location on 64 bit machines
Double click on “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE”
Which will open a drop down box
Now click “SOFTWARE” Another box opens
Look down the list for "Wow6432Node" and click on it
now look for epson and click on that, here you will find the PTSG folder
Right click and delete the folder.

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