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Lavender & hop beads 

An unusual set of 'sleep therapy' lupulus themed beads and charms, complimented if wanted with a busy bee from the sweetbriar rose set, turning this complilation into a recipe of honey mead celebration!

Lavender bead and hop charm set

Please be aware these beads are not toys or edible. They would be considered a potential choking hazard and are not suitable for children.

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Bead sizes:
large hops measure approx 12mm x 12mm
small hops 12mm x 8mm
lavender heads are approx 16mm x 5mm
leaves are 18mm x 15mm
Each bead is individually handmade so there maybe a little difference.

The bead set contains 5x large hops, 10x small hops, 5x lavender heads, 10x hop leaves
The charm set contains 1x large hop, 1x small hop, 1x leaf & 1x lavender head

This page was last updated 1.7.2017 if you're worried it's out of date please get in touch
All payment is made on and through paypal

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Lavender and hop charm set
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