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Mistletoe charms 

 beads, cabochon flat backs and pendants

These cute little berry decorated leaves come in two sizes, single and doubles, with a loop to hang or blank, flatback for gluing to your preferred surface.  The pendants are a combination of twig, leaves and semi translucent berries that are individually rolled, attached and given a tiny indention. The leaves are each hand stamped with veining to the front and back, and collectively or alone they are perfect for jewellery making, dressing up and personalising yuletide cards or adding a festive touch to any number of other creative ideas.

Charms and glue-on embellishments can be purchased here on this page or over on eBay

Mistletoe gift wrap - scroll down for 2 exclusive *free gift wrap papers and a set of tags.

About mistletoe on wikipedia and mistletoe traditions

Mistletoe charms and flatback glue on embellishments
  • pendants are approx 35mm x 30mm
  • large double leaves: 25mm in length x up to 20mm at their widest.
  • small double leaves: 15mm in length x 18mm at their widest.
  • large single leaves: 20mm in length x 8mm width
  • small single leaves: 15mm long x 7mm wide.
Looped charms
Mistletoe beads for hanging

Mistletoe charms - beads for Christmas and Yule
Glue-on flat backs
Mistletoe embellishments

Glue on mistletoe flat back embellishments

Mistletoe gift wrap paper designs
These printables are *free for non-commercial, personal use only

Copyright © Ruth Grimes 2018

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Mistletoe design picture printable
Mistletoe lined paaper printable
Mistletoe gift tags - free picture printable

Free mistletoe paper picture for Yule and Christmas gift wrapping

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