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This page features activity, family & business updates from the UK during 2014 and holds a number of links to a variety of corners on t'internet, please enjoy them ..

seedling leaves Borax crystal tree decorations grow your own sparkling ornaments to dress your yule tree this December
seedling leaves Yule tree crayons & money gifting idea for december   
seedling leaves 5 year old Iris Grace Walmslow and her incredible interaction with colour. Also, wonderful to see such lovely photos promoting the use of cat walking jackets, here's my own lovely boo in hers - cat harness
seedling leaves Beautiful creation by one of pixiehats ebay customers - oak tree decoration :)
 The unique gem lady/facebook 

The Unique Gem Lady - beautiful tree creations
seedling leaves
Churro recipe poster added. The many fledgling starlings that'd invaded the tree top opposite have now flown and the noise level returned to usual, this google image search is a good representation of what's been happening!
seedling leaves Dandelion seed clocks made with cotton buds, straws & clay

The beautiful red tulips - on amazon have now had their annual bloom. I'm now looking forward to Julyish and seeing how a first encounter with saffron crocus goes!

Olde paper fortune tellers a favourite childhood make and now with a twist! crochet design from Grandma Perkins  
ladybug Second lawn mowing of the year saw half the time trying to move ladybugs to safety!  7 spot ladybug on wikipedia and on ladybug lifecycle figures.  
seedling leaves Clay handprint soap dish! gift, encourage or hang :) History of palmistry on wikipedia
seedling leaves  A cat toy idea

seedling leaves Spring seedlings site design now up and running, a merry spring to all pixiehats visitors :)
Spring themed bug slide There's a new bug slide design going out with orders through spring.

seedling leaves Alan Dart has a great knitting pattern for the coming month - April fool, jester toy                                     
seedling leaves Seed pots & packets; two activities on this new page, make your own bio-degradable paper seed pots, and choose from a selection of seed packet designs - print, assemble and enjoy when it's time to harvest your plant seed!
seedling leaves Handfasting preparations for the spring? this website has useful reading -
seedling leaves Enjoy a vegan, dairy free chocolate gift dairy free chocolate gift this year with Ted rabbit's chocolate carrots! a cute  box template to personalise your spring equinox, easter and growing season presents.
seedling leaves Red riding hood dwarf tulips, ours are just peeking, they're tub planted under a double mock orange which helps lift them from ground level hopefully avoiding an easy slug 'N snail tea! Beautiful tulips, they've not yet failed to give a welcome splash of red :)     
Design preview for spring 2014
Design for the spring has now been finished yay, pop back on or after the equinox to see the update :)
seedling leaves Soap nut washing bag pattern - free guide to making your own laundy bags for eco friendly sapindus fruit - or buy a bag
seedling leaves for everyone who enjoys the unique nature of chickens the Mercedes Benz advert is an amazing, wonderfully refreshing change to the way hens usually end up featuring in ads - Magic Body Control on youtube
seedling leaves  Ruby Roth's childrens book on helps to support knowledge about animal individuality

seedling leaves A very happy new year to everyone, I hope yours is bright, prosperous, warm & welcoming xx
seedling leaves The site design is slowly changing and will hopefully start to reflect how there's a pixiehat for each season
seedling leaves
Halloween & Yuletree bug slide designs have now been added to the capturing insects page
seedling leaves All of last years 'links have been moved to an archived page - 2013  

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berry  2013 berry


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